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Greene & Greene is a long established firm of solicitors based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Our lawyers advise individuals and businesses based all over the UK.

We regularly attract new clients who have been using firms in London, but now receive a more cost efficient and more personal service from us here in Bury St Edmunds.

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Monthly Archives


Property: Unused right of way preserved

Michael Batty has succeeded in preserving a right of way for a Client over the grounds of an adjoining residential property even though the right, which had originally been granted in 1985, had not only never been exercised but was also physically incapable of being used as the construction of an envisaged gateway had never taken place. 

After the case Michael said “It is extremely difficult to argue that a right, such as the right of way in this particular case, has been abandoned through lack of use.  Nevertheless, whenever possible care should always be taken  to clearly demonstrate to the world at large that a right remains and is being relied upon”.


Motoring: Elderly drivers and the risk of disqualification

Elderly motorists facing prosecution for motoring offences are often unaware that amongst their powers the Magistrates have the ability to impose a Disqualification Order pending the passing of a driving test.

The exercising of this power is frequently considered in cases where the Defendant is aged over 70.

Thorough preparation and the availability of compelling medical evidence is essential if disqualification is to be avoided” said Michael Batty after helping an elderly Client charged with careless driving to avoid disqualification at a recent hearing before Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court.


Motoring: Exceptional hardship argument avoids disqualification for estate agent

An estate agent represented by Michael Batty has avoided a penalty points Disqualification Order after Ipswich Magistrates’ Court accepted an argument that disqualification would have a significant impact upon her jointly owned business. 

After the case Michael, who was assisted by Matthew Edwards from East Anglian Chambers, commented,

The circumstances in which a penalty points Disqualification Order can be avoided are fairly limited but, if the evidence is there, a well prepared exceptional hardship argument often stands a good chance of success.  Indeed, this is the third Client I have been able to assist in this way in the last couple of years”.


Landlord Liable under the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957

The failure by a corporate residential landlord to properly maintain the access road and car park within its development has cost it £50,000 in damages and costs.

Michael Batty successfully sued the landlord on behalf of a Client who broke her arm and sustained other injuries after a fall caused by a large pothole which she had not been able to see as she crossed the access road in the dark.  “Landlords must take their maintenance and repairing obligations seriously” said Michael after the case, “In this instance there was an obvious want of repair which had clearly existed for quite some time.  An accident of some sort was almost inevitable and has left the landlord with a significant additional financial liability over and above the cost of repairs which could easily have been avoided”.


Greene & Greene take part in Wills Week for St Nicholas Hospice

During the week of 8 - 15 June Greene & Greene will be participating in the hospice fundraising scheme, drawing up Wills for a suitable donation to St Nicholas Hospice Care instead of taking our usual fee.

Suzanne Alston, head of our Private Client team comments "St Nicholas Hospice in Bury St Edmunds provides an incredibly valuable support service to families affected by terminal and life shortening illnesses and we are pleased to be able to support them in raising funds to continue their good work. As a firm of solicitors, we also understand the importance of getting ones affairs in order and therefore believe that this scheme is a perfect opportunity to highlight the sense and convenience of doing this sooner rather than later."

For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Martine Swaep.


Lorry Driver Secures Damages Award

Allowing a lorry to remain fitted with damaged loading straps has cost an employer £35,000 in damages payable to Michael Batty's Client who sustained a significant arm injury when a strap he was tightening snapped.